Get Teyana Taylor’s six-pack

    Last week Teyana Taylor exercised her right to free Twittering by showing off her washboard abs (along with friends Chris Brown and Omarion).

    Like any mushy-middled viewer, we got a bit jealous.

    But, we didn’t need to be because, as we learned, flat abs really come down to three simple steps:



    *Good food: Nope, the most important part of a flat-ab regimen is not crunches. WebMd experts advise that, "No matter how much exercise you do, you will not lose weight or excess fat if you eat more than you burn." To figure out if you’re eating more calories each day than you burn off, check out one of the cool calcualtors available, like this one from
    Baylor College of Medicine.

    If you are eating too much, quickly cut out empty cals like flavored drinks (besides soda, juices and sports drinks can easily add up throughout the day) and junk-food carbohydrates that don’t really fill you up. To figure out which ones are bad, look at the ratio of calories to fiber. Foods with more fiber (mainly fruits, veggies and grains) pack more bang for their calorie buck.


    *Kanye’s Workout Plan: Or anyone’s workout plan, it really doesn’t matter. Even though you’re problem area is your stomach, you need to be sure that the muscles aren’t covered by extra fat. If sticking to a program is hard for you, look for ways to get moving that are fun and exciting like rock climbing or a dance class. Exercises that work your core muscles, like pilates and bike riding will especially help tone up the middle region.

    *Work the middle: You knew this part was inevitable, but to see results, you have to work out your abs. Teyana Taylor is a fan a homemade workout routine (see for yourself here) that seems to work really well for her. We found this (seemingly) foolproof workout on AOL Health: it only involves four exercises!

    Or, try this workout from celebrity trainer Jamel Davenport (he’s responsible for keeping Keyshia Cole and Mike Meyers in shape). His clients do three sets of 10 repetitions for each of these exercies, along with one 15-minute cardio session and 15 minutes of weight training.

        1. Leg lifts. Lie on your back and place your hands underneath your buttocks. Lift your legs upright, keeping them straight. Lower to the ground and return to starting position to complete one rep.

        2. Jack-Knife. Still lying on your back, straighten your legs in the air. Stretch your arms out and extend them behind your head. Slowly move your arms toward your legs, which are still in the air. Make your arms meet your legs to complete one rep.

        3. Toe Crunches. Laying flat, reach both your arms and legs straight up, crunching your abs, bring them together. Let your arms and legs meet in the center of your body. Go back to your starting position, then repeat.



    –Whitney Teal

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