Ciara’s doing the Halle Berry

    Ciara’s joining the celeb hair cuttery with her latest style: a wispy pixie cut that she debuted via Twitter over the weekend.

    Displaying a photo of her stylist putting the finishing touches on the cut, she tweeted, "Here’s my new haircut by Kiyah Wright!:) we teamed up!:)"

    She showed her followers a couple more images of the cut, writing “Another pick of the new cut by Kiyah Wright!:) Were having fun!:)” before signing off and saying “

    one mo for ya:) I love my fans!”

    Of course, she may be taking a page out of her BFF Kim Kardashian’s book and just playing with a shorter wig, leaving her normal locks at their regular length.

    What do you think? Is this look a keeper for CiCi?


    — Whitney Teal

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