Happiness factory open for business

    Cee-Lo Green and Janelle Monae are just as refreshing as the product they’re pushing in the new music video for Coke’s Happiness Factory campaign.
    The artists are just two parts of a supergoup that the Coca-Cola Company formed for the single, “Open Happiness.”  It’s the focus of the third ad in the ad campaign.
    The song’s video starts out ordinarily enough with three kids hanging out on a city street, but their reality is soon given a fantastic twist when a zebra walks by and leads them through a gate.
    The animal actually turns out to be Cee-Lo, who’s the children’s guide to a whimsical world filled with vivid color, stereo speakers the size of apartment buildings, and cotton candy clouds. Did we mention there’s also a yellow brick road?
    Janelle Monae plays a school teacher that has her whole class dancing along to “Open Happiness,” and we’re loving that she added her swag to her students’ uniforms, too. Travis McCoy of the Gym Class Heroes, who can apparently walk on walls in this video, also does a verse as the leader of a dance crew.




    – Sonya Eskridge




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