Keri Hilson does it for MJ

    Keri Hilson is an S2S style favorite, but she jumped way higher on the list when we spotted her on the Canadian countdown show "MUCH Music" in a brown Michael Jackson tank.

    His death has sparked an avalanche of tribute tees, but we especially loved these:













    Michael Jackson Tee ($25, Etsy)

    This shirt features the adorable little boy that generations fell in love with. What better tribute is there?







    Michael Jackson stud and crystal tank
    ($9.99, eBay)

    MJ’s Bad-era face is plastered across this tank in sparkly rhinestones, which is perfect for any hardcore fan.








    Red Michael Jackson Tee ($55, Kitson)

    For the fashionistas, this red tee is a cute and versitile. There’s even the hint of Michael’s famous military jacket in the shirt.







    Michael Jackson Tribute Tee ($30, Etsy)

    There’s no mistaking this tee is for the fans: MJ’s birth and death dates are joined by the iconic silhouette of the singer-dancer en pointe.






    The rest of Keri’s outfit was fly as well. Replicate her look with any of the tribute tees and these pieces:

    –Whitney Teal

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