Chrisette had a big ‘Ego?’

    One of Beyoncé’s most recent hits was originally meant for another rising icon.
    According to the, Chrisette Michele was originally offered “Ego” for her new album Epiphany, but she turned it down. So what made hr pass on the track produced by Harold Lilly and Elvis “BlacElvis” Williams?  She wanted her album to be another original work like her self-titled debut CD, which she wrote.
    "It was really scary for me to release my pen because I had written my first album myself,” Chrisette said. “You don’t know if they’re going to be able to capture your voice the same way that you captured it yourself."
    Bey had already come under fire for supposedly ripping “If I Were A Boy” from the song’s original author, singer BC Jean, but it was later discovered that she actually bought the single from BC.

    – Sonya Eskridge

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