How-to: Ciara’s asymmetrical hair

    Ciara’s new short cut has been the talk of the town (and the blogosphere). If you’ve just had your hair snipped in a similar style, replicate the look with a few easy steps.

    1. Get the texture right. CiCi’s hairdo is piecey and as straight as a stick, so after cleansing and conditioning your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner before straightening, like Aussie’s Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner ($3.50). To dry, either sit under a warm hooded dryer (you can wrap the longer, front section around your forehead, then comb the rest straight down) or use a hand-held blow-dryer.

    2. Section and piece. Once your hair is dry, use a rattail comb to piece out large sections of hair. Coat each piece with a drop of serum (we’ve heard good things about Kiehl’s Silk Groom Serum) before gliding a hot flatiron over your locks. When you get to the crown of your head, lift the iron a little to provide a little volume.

    3. Finish it off. Use your fingers to arrange the hair the way that you’d like. To get a look that’s very similar to the "Goodies" singer, be sure the back is flat against your neck (with no bump or curl), heightened at the crown and swept to the left side with piecey bangs.


    –Whitney Teal


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