Michael’s doctor admits giving him Propofol

    Dr. Conrad Murray admitted that he administered a powerful anesthesia to Michael Jackson just hours before the icon’s death.
    Several law enforcement officials confirm that two days after Michael died, Conrad told the Los Angeles Police Department that he’d administered Propofol by IV, TMZ.com reports.
     Investigators think the doctor might not have been paying attention when Michael’s heart failed. Specifically, they believe Conrad may actually have fallen asleep while the entertainer was on the drip, and that he found the singer dead when he woke up.
    Police didn’t find an EKG machine in Michael’s home during their search. The device, used to monitor patients’ vital signs, would have sounded an alarm when Michael’s pulse dropped too low. And authorities didn’t see an oximeter, either. An alarm on that machine would have gone off when it found that Michael’s breathing had slowed too much.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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