Kid Cudi’s just trying to ‘Make It’

    Kid Cudi is about to make the leap from rapper to actor with a new series on HBO.
    The lyricist, born Scott Mescudi, told the Arizona Republic that he’ll be starring in “How to Make It In America.” The comedy centers on three friends in their 20’s who are trying to make a name for themselves in New York.
    “My character’s name is Domingo Dean.  I actually named the character after both of my brothers,” Cudi said. “My character’s kind of the comic relief. He’s really witty – a hopeless romantic but a player at the same time.”

    Don’t expect him to be spitting any verses on the show, though.  He said his character won’t have much to do with music
    From what Kid told the paper, the sitcom is pretty much guaranteed to be hot because it’s got a team that knows a lot about making hit shows for HBO. Mark Wahlberg, the creator of “Entourage”, will be the executive producer for “How to Make It In America.” Julian Farino, who also works on “Entourage,” will be directing the show.  His other credits include several episodes of “Sex and The City,” “Big Love” and “The Sopranos.”
 lists the show as being in-production, but there’s no word on when it will premiere.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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