Clear Channel Communications in the business of helping

    Clear Channel Radio, a division of the global media and entertainment company Clear Channel Communications, has agreed to donate a number of stations and equipment to the Minority Media and Telecommunications Council to increase and encourage diversity in media ownership.
    Radio stations KYHN in Fort Smith, Arkansas, WTFX in Winchester, Virginia and WHJA in Laurel, Mississippi, are among the number of AM stations up for grabs.
    Not only will Clear Channel’s move support minority ownership, but the radio stations will be used for training purposes for a new generation of women and minorities in broadcast. The council will work with the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Education Foundation’s Broadcast Leadership Training Program.
    “Clear Channel Radio’s generosity and support creates an enormous opportunity not only for our own training programs, but for minority and women broadcasters who would not otherwise have the means to operate their own stations,” said David Honig, president and executive director of the council. “We look forward to working with Clear Channel through this ongoing program to promote diversity in radio broadcasting.”
    Well, we couldn’t be more excited about that, but it looks like Kathy Hughes might have a little competition after these training sessions they’re talking about. We’re going to stay tuned!



    – Christina Coleman




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