Kelis heads out with son

    Kelis was recently spotted strolling down a New York street with her son.
    Joy Daily snapped a couple shots of mother and son heading into a coffee shop. Reportedly, the new mom was travelling light since she didn’t have any bodyguards on hand. The baby is a little hard to see in the shots, but we know he’s in there.
    And Kelis is putting her child support to good use by hiring a baby nurse to work ’round the clock.
    “I have this very nice woman here on her first day for work. But I am feeling like I’m under surveillance and I really don’t wanna share my perfect little 3 day old marshmallow with anyon,” the singer revealed on
    Twitter. “I can’t say that after a week or two of no sleep I will be in desperate need of some relief but right now it’s just too soon.“
    Kelis let all her followers know that she’s feeling great and that Knight is "happy and healthy.” She admits that while she used to be less than sympathetic to mothers, having a baby of her own has softened her heart.
    “It’s life, larger than life. I’m in awe of the whole process. And of course now. Like every other mother madly in love with this little guy,” Kelis tweeted. “Everything he does entertains me lol n I don’t mind any of it. I think he smells like pie n I never wanna share pie!”
    Even though Kelis is in full-on mommy mode, she’s still finding time to have fun. She went out for the first time in a really long time and took in a Grace Jones concert while enjoying a “cheap beer.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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