Day26 accused of copycatting

    Day26 is being accused of sampling a little too heavily from another artist’s song.
 reports that singer Kirby Shields has filed a copyright infringement complaint against Bad Boy Records. He claims that the group’s single “Just Getting Started” is “mostly identical” to his “I’m Just Getting Started.”
    Kirby’s song was written and produced in 2007 by Christian Davis Stalnecker, who the singer contracted to “exclusively” work for him. Part of their agreement, worth $30,500, was that any material they recorded wouldn’t be sold or recreated with any other acts. However, the producer also has credits on “Just Getting Started.”
    Now, Kirby claims that Christian sold Day26 the single without his knowledge, and he believes that may not be the only song that the producer allegedly swiped.
    For their part, the singer’s camp doesn’t believe that Day26 knowingly jacked “I’m Just Getting Started”, but he still wants them to stop performing, promoting and selling their version of the song.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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