O.J. to be set free?

    O.J. Simpson may be released from prison when his case goes back to court.
    The Associated Press reports that Nevada Supreme Court justices are weighing whether to let the former NFL star and his accomplice out of prison while lawyers try appeal their conviction on charges of assault with a deadly weapon.
    Lawyers for O.J. and Clarence Stewart are requesting that the men be allowed to post bond, while the court considers whether they got a fair trial.
    Defense attorneys contend that the two deserve to go free while case goes to appeal. However, David Roger, the Clark County District Attorney, argues that the men should stay in jail and keep serving their sentence because they had a fair trial.
    Last October, O.J. and Clarence a jury found them guilty of 12 criminal charges including kidnapping and armed robbery. The embattled football star has been sentenced to between nine and 33 years in prison. Clarence is serving
    There’s no word on how long it might take the justice to decide to set the men free or not.  The biggest concern in this request would be whether the men are flight risks. Authorities must also consider whether they are a danger to others and if their chances of winning an appeal are good.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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