Kenzo’s first photo shoot

    Kimora Lee Simmons and fiancé Djimon Hounsou are introducing the world to their son, Kenzo Lee.
    “[Kenzo’s] very calm, very happy; he gurgles and talks,” Kimord told OK! magazine, but she admits that he’s also got a little attitude, too. "He has a very fiery little temper, and we always joke that we’re not sure who that is I am kind of known for being fiery, but Djimon is the ‘calm fiery’ before the storm."
    The Baby Phat CEO also dishes that her little man has a strong cry and “eats like a dinosaur.”  And she insists the proud papa also has a strong role in Kenzo’s life.
    “He’s so hands-on. He holds the baby, and he flicks the doodies. You wouldn’t think a guy would be so hands-on, so supportive, so strong yet gentle,” Kimora, said of Djimon’s parenting style. "It’s a big thing to not have to feel like you have to do everything yourself."
    This is Kimora and Djimon’s first son, and they wanted his name to have meaning, so they settled on Kenzo, which is Japanese for “third” and “wise.”
    Kimora’s daughters, Ming and Aoki, are also pretty hands on too. Kimora’s princesses are excited about the new addition to their family and they take such an active role with Kenzo that the designer diva calls them “little mommies.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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