Sonia Sotomayor confirmed

    Sonia Sotomayor has won confirmation to become a justice of the United States Supreme Court.

    The Senate approved her for the position in a vote of 68 to 31 after 18 hours of debate.  Of the votes in her favor, only nine came from republicans; all the votes against her came from that party, The Washington Post reports.
    Justice has become only the third woman and the first Latino to serve on the Supreme Court. She’ll be replacing justice David Souter, who announced his retirement earlier this year.
    In remarks on her confirmation, President Barack Obama acknowledged the rigorous process that lead up to today’s appointment, and he said he’s happy with the 68 “ayes” justice Sotomayor received.
    “With this historic vote, the Senate has affirmed that Judge Sotomayor has the intellect, the temperament, the history, the integrity and the independence of mind to ably serve on our nation’s highest court,” the president said.
    “Like so many other aspects of this nation, I’m filled with pride in this achievement and great confidence that Judge Sotomayor will make an outstanding Supreme Court justice,” he continued. “This is a wonderful day for Judge Sotomayor and her family, but I also think it’s a wonderful day for America.”
    It’s not clear who will swear her in, but justice Sotomayor will take to the bench and begin her first session on October 5.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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