Michael Jackson’s toxicology results leaked

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    Results of Michael Jackson’s toxicology test reveal that there two drugs in the entertainer’s system when he died.
    Authorities told TMZ.com that coroners found deadly amounts of Propofol in Michael’s system. However, their tests also revealed that he had also taken Xanax, a prescription to treat anxiety at some point before his death.
    Still, sources insist that Propofol was "front and center in terms of why [Jackson] died."



    – Sonya Eskridge




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    2 thoughts on “Michael Jackson’s toxicology results leaked

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    2. On Michael’s Birthday (August 29th), I sent out a massive eblast telling whoever I could that the media continues their slander by spreading the vicious lie that MJ was addicted to narcotics, but the TRUTH is, he simply needed to sleep.

      Please note that no narcotic prescription medicine like Xanax, Demerol, and Oxycotin, nor alcohol and no pills were found his stomach. All of that was media lies and quickness to make the King of Pop look like the worst drug addict the world has ever seen.

      Just like before, the media owes Mr. Jackson and his family a huge apology!

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