Neverland moving to Vegas?

    The sprawling ranch that Michael Jackson once called home may become a top tourist attraction in Las Vegas.
    According to E! News, Colony Capital wants to move Neverland Ranch to somewhere near the Vegas Strip.  The investment firm is the current owner of the home, which is currently located in Santa Barbara, California, and Michael’s estate is said to be “seriously considering” the move.
    Now both parties are drafting up plans to are working to draft up plans for the transplant that would include the main house and a few other structures from Neverland.
    "The idea is to take physically everything that’s not part of the dirt and reassemble it in Las Vegas," a source close to the deal told E!
    Colony Capital would ultimately like to turn the relocated ranch into a Graceland-esque tourist attraction complete with a museum, a theater and a burial plot for Michael.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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