Redeeming Michael Vick

    Russell Simmons believes Michael Vick can use his experiences to teach others and serve as an example to others.
    In his Global Grind blog, Russell recounted a conversation he had with Mike, and what he took away from the talk was that the athlete was “unconscious” about the effects of his participation in a dogfighting ring.
    The hip-hop mogul and philanthropist believes that Michael’s lack of awareness can largely be credited to the community he was raised in where dogfighting and physical abuse were almost commonplace.
    “Children who grow up numb to the suffering of others are in danger of repeating what they know and are clearly in dire need of mentors to show them the evil in their actions and lead them away from them,” Russell stated. “These kids need someone who speaks their language to tell it to them straight – that dog fighting is one of the cruelest practices in the world today. That voice of reason I believe can be Michael Vick.”
    Russ said he’s confident than the newly re-instated NFL player has seen the error of his ways and the he sees his duty to help lift other peoples’ consciousness of crimes against humaneness is just beginning.
    “Michael has a lot of work to do.  I support his efforts and have high hopes for his success not only on the field but much more importantly, in the community,” he wrote.
    And Russell trusts Michael when he said that conversations with animal rights advocates have changed him.  “I choose to believe him, and realize that I may be in the minority amongst the animal rights community that I proudly am a part of,” he noted.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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