Wrigley chews up Chris Brown’s contract

    After last February’s incident with Rihanna, Wrigley tried to give Chris a chance, but now they’re changing their minds.
    Chris Brown may want to double his jobs instead of his pleasure now that the chewing gum company Wrigley dropped him from his contract, according to TMZ.com. If you don’t remember, Chris used to be the face of the minty treat, dancing his way across our television screen and imploring us to buy, buy, buy!
    But now since his squeaky clean image is…um…tainted, Wrigley has “formally terminated” their relationship with Chris. Word is since he pleaded guilty to felony assault last month Wrigley just had to let him go. Back in February they released a statement saying they “believe Mr. Brown should be afforded the same due process as any citizen,” giving him a chance to win this thing in court.
    Obviously that didn’t work out.
    Well, guilty until proven innocent. Chris, Wrigley has officially sentenced you to no more lucrative deals. Too bad, he was so dedicated to the company, even chewing the gum on that fateful night. (Link to picture there). We wonder if he’s going to switch to bubblelicious now.



    – Christina Coleman




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