Farewell Rev. Ike

    The religious world mourns the loss of Rev. Frederick J. Eikerenkoetter, better known as Rev. Ike.
    For those that remember him, Rev. Ike was a flamboyant minister who didn’t care about the negative things that people said about him or his ministry. He was a preacher, a teacher, a motivator, an evangelist, a pastor and philanthropist to millions of people for more than 50 years. At the time of his death, Rev. Ike was 74 years old.
    After suffering a stroke, Ike now rests from his lifelong work in the religious community. During his life, Rev. Ike also served as an inspiration to many, including master prophet Bishop E. Bernard Jordan, who was also chosen to represent Rev. Ike during this transition.
    “Rev. Ike was my mentor and he was the mentor of a lot of young men and women,” he recently said. “He put a lot of people through college. He was the prosperity teacher; je was the pioneer of the ‘prosperity gospel.’ He was a history-make, and he taught people the business of living.”
    In case you’re wondering, Ike does indeed have a son. His name is Xavier Frederick Eikenrenkotter II. According to Bernard, Ike’s son will continue the ministerial legacy of his father.
    For those of you who perhaps aren’t quite familiar with the reverend, he was born poor in a rural section of South Carolina in 1935. During that particular time, he endured the awful realities of the Jim Crow laws and segregation. Still, he had the nerve to strive to accomplish much in his life, and he later owned 16 Rolls Royce cars among many of his financial achievements. According to Bernard, “He would say ‘His garage runneth over.’ He also said ‘You can’t lose with the stuff I use and ‘You won’t miss if [you] work with this!’”
    Bernard founded Zoe Ministries. The church has a leading movement in the cyber world, including a chat room to utilize the Internet to prophesy into people’s life. He has was the M.C. for the celebration of Rev. Ike’s life, which included speakers such as Rev. Al Sharpton, Rev. Bob Tilten, Dr. and Michael Beckwood as well as singers Sarah Dash of LaBelle, Vanessa Bell Armstrong, Pastor Shirley Caesar and Kim Burrell. Others included Bishop Carlton Pearson and Dr. Susan Johnson Cooke and many others.



    — Calvin Terrell




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