Nene takes out the “trashbox”

    During a radio interview today, Nene Leakes has said that she won’t be arguing with her castmates anymore.
    Yesterday posted an audio clip of Kim Zolciak calling 911 after Nene had allegedly attacked her. Today, they put up audio of Nene’s response to accusations that she’d choked the other housewife.
    "If she was truly injured then she should have filed charges. That’s what I would have done if somebody injured me,” Nene
    told TMZ during an interview with Q100. “Kim is not innocent here."
    The soon-to-be author speculated that the leak of Kim’s call had peculiar timing since her book, Never Make the Same Mistake Twice, will be coming out soon. With that, Nene announced a rather shocking, but very mature decision she recently made.
    “I’m not going to be arguing like this anymore. I’ve had a talk with my husband and I just cannot be calling people ‘trashbox,’” she revealed. But she couldn’t resist one parting shot at her cast mate. "Is she still at Target in her Bentley,” Nene asked before signing off.
    Meanwhile, Lisa Wu-Hartwell is setting the record straight about reports that she and her family were kicked out of their house, reports.
    The Atlanta entrepreneur told that although she and Ed did try to restructure their home loan, but it didn’t work out.
    “It was a short-sell. It was not a foreclosure,” she insisted. And although the Hartwells did leave their old it wasn’t for the reason many sites have been reporting.
    “We chose to move, we were not evicted,” she asserted. "It was decision that we made and not one that was made for us. But we were not put out."
    Lisa and her family are now living in a “downsized home in a neighborhood not too far from where they used to live.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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