T.O. ‘loves’ Black women

    Terrell Owens is opening up about his true thoughts on Black women.
    The football player has often been criticized for his lack of the love for the sistas, but he has said that we shouldn’t make any assumptions based on his recent roster os dates.
    “Black women, I do love you. Honestly, if I were to reveal the Black females I’ve dated, the women who are accusing me of that would be surprised,” T.O. told Essence.com. “I’ve had a lot of Black women hit me up on Twitter accusing me of not liking my own kind and all I have to say is that they are thinking too much.”
    However, he does acknowledge his reputation for giving all women an equal opportunity at his heart.  That point is made very evident by the variety of women we see him cozying up with on “The T.O. Show.”
    “Perhaps I have a certain type of woman that I like and a preference and I shouldn’t be faulted for that,” said T.O. “And for the record, I’m very familiar with headscarves because my grandmother wore them. I was just saying to [Kita] that the women I date don’t wear them because it’s the truth.””
    T.O. later explained that he actually meant he had never seen any of his women in their nightly head gear. “If I’m dating a Black woman and we hang out it doesn’t mean she’s sleeping over, so I might never see her in a headscarf,” he clarified.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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