Jacksons getting Michael private plot

    Michael Jackson’s family is looking to lay him to rest in a very exclusive spot.

    His family has been denying rumors that the King of Pop has already been interred. Adding strength to their argument is the fact that they’re in talks to put him in a private garden at Forest Lawn Memorial Park, a source close to the family told E! News.
    The private plots, holding eight people at most, are closed off by a brick wall and they cost about $253,000 each. However all of that space wouldn’t just be for Michael.
    "They are waiting to work out the details on buying plots for the whole family before they lay Michael to rest," the insider said.
    Unfortunately, there won’t be enough room for all of them.  By our count the family has 11 members, including parents, so three of them would have to buried elsewhere.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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