Companies call back laid-off staff

    There may be hope for those who lost their jobs due to the current economy.


    There may be hope for those who lost their jobs due to the current economy.


    This recession has seen millions of people lose their jobs, but some companies have said they’re starting to bring their old employees back. reports that around 38 percent of businesses think they’ll be doing re-hires. GM, Ford  Motors and Dell are just a few of the companies that have had to recall their workers in order to keep up with demand.


    Business experts predict that this practice may become more popular as the economy continues to recover.


    Koren Rife, who works for a small PR and ad firm, is a good example of the phenomena. She told CNN that she lost her job when the clients she was working with could no longer afford her services.  When they pulled their account from the firm last year, the firm cut her job.


    While she was laid off she continued to look for a job, but she still kept in contact with her then former co-workers. Then one day her boss called her up and told her about a job opening.

    "I was very excited to come back," Koren said. "One reason I decided to return was because I know that this agency is a great place to learn a lot about the industry. I knew that I would have great teachers and receive a lot of hands-on experience.”

    Now, the 25-year-old is happily working the same job, but she makes a little more for it than she used to.


    But not every re-hire has such a successful ending. One man told CNN that he was recalled only to be laid off again a few months later.


    "I was hired back at the same position and salary; however, things were not the same, I went through the motions but basically I was selling the same old services that weren’t viable in today’s economy," he said. "I was more mad than the first time.”


    – Sonya Eskridge



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