Joe walks out on ‘Lip Service’

    R&B singer Joe recently walked out of a intimate interview with the ladies of “Lip Service.”

    Joe and Chico DeBarge stopped by the Sirius radio show to promote their tour and forthcoming projects.  But on a show titled Lip Service, you know there had to be some talk that’s only appropriate for grown folks.

    When Angela Yee and Leah Rose (Amber Rose’ sister) asked Chico whether he performs a certain act, he looked to Joe for help on dodging the question.  The other singer didn’t provide any assistance, but he proudly advertised that’s not against taking a trip down south.

    While he was answering the question (that hadn’t even been posed to him), one of the radio hosts tried to put Joe on “pause,” and that’s when things went left. He got into a short argument with Angela and Leah, which ended with him indirectly being called an “a**h***.”

    Watch the video to see how it all went down. Right around the three-minute mark is when Joe just broke out. 



    – Sonya Eskridge





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