Que clears up cheating rumors

    Despite what you may have heard, Que from Day 26 insists that he’s a one-woman man.


    Recently, the rumor mill has been pumping out reports that claim Que has been seeing another woman behind Dawn Richard’s back.


    “Everybody thinks I’m cheating on Dawn. Me and Dawn are very happy together,” Que told S2S on Monday. “I’m not cheating on Dawn. I love that girl!  I would never cheat on someone so special to me.”


    For those that think Que is saying whatever it takes to save his relationship and his image, the Bad Boy singer assured us that he’s just not that good at fooling folks.


    “I have a conscience. If I was cheating, I wouldn’t be able to lie. I’d be on ‘Maury.’ ‘You are guilty,’” he laughed. “We know we’re not cheating on each other. It’s an honest love.”


    While we’re on the topic of honesty, Que said he’s not worried about Dawn stepping out on him either.  He tells us their relationship is solid, but they do have an understanding that even a single slip by either of them would mean the end of their love.


    “I believe she would never do [that] me. And if she did, I believe we’re so cool and so honest that we just wouldn’t be together,” he revealed. “She doesn’t need me if I’m going to cheat on her, and I don’t need her if she’s going to cheat on me.”


    Constant rumors of infidelity might sink any relationship if you pay them too much attention. However, the Day26 member told us that he and Dawn just ignore all the buzz and focus on each other.


    “We love each other. It’s an honest relationship and I think people just are talking and they want to figure out what’s going on in our relationship,” Que said. “When people are happy, there are going to be people trying to push negative energy to [them]."


    – Sonya Eskridge



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