‘The Game’ getting traded to BET?

    There may be another a season of ‘The Game’ if BET gets its way.
    According to The Hollywood Reporter, the network is in talks with CBS TV to adding new episodes of the show to its roster, possibly snatching it from the jaws of permanent cancellation.
    The CW decided to drop the show earlier this year when it decided to overhaul its format favoring hourlong teen dramas. In an effort to save ‘The Game,’ the show’s creator tried to reinvent the 30-minute sitcom as a one-hour dramedy.
    The casts’ contracts have since run out, so if BET is able to secure the show, CBS would have make new deals with all of the actors. There’s no word on when a final decision on “The Game”’s fate will be announced.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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