‘True Blood’ recap: New World In My View

    Usually the first thing you want to do when you come home from being on the road is chill out at home. That’s probably what Sookie and Jason Stackhouse each had in mind when them rolled back into Bon Temps after their tragically eventful trip to Dallas. The only problem is the town they returned looked more like it had been hit by a natural disaster than the small-town sanctuary they knew it to be.
    There’s a man beating his head against a post for no reason, a woman trying to drag a man to bed with her and a random couple crashing into their car after running into the street.r
    Instead of heading right to their respective houses, The Stackhouses bring drop Bill off at his home where they find Hoyt Fortenberry and Jessica Hamby (the town’s newest vampire/human couple) trying to restrain Hoyt’s mother, who happens to be possessed.
    Hoyt explains what’s been going on in Bon Temps since the three of them left, including the fact that Sookie’s house has been comandeered by Maryann Forrester. After hearing about the town’s predicment Jason takes it upon himself to save all of Bon Temps from evil. Well at least his time at the Light of Day leadership camp proved to be useful.
    Meanwhile, Maryann (who happens to be a maenad) is at her newly acquired home building a giant shrine—at least we think it’s a shrine. If not, it’s definitely the world’s worst lawn ornament. She along with Eggs and manservant Karl are busy tacking things like feathers and meat to it, but the exact purpose of the structure isn’t clear. But we can be pretty certain nothing good will be going on around…just a hunch.
    We were sufficiently creeped out when Eggs, who is also still possessed from the previous night, gleefully offers to “kill something so it’s extra fresh” when Maryann asks him and Karl to go round up more organs and meat. Ewwwwww. The ringleader kindly refuses the offer and explains that the townspeople are bringing her a live specimen for sacrifice.
    In another part of Bon Temps, Tara is literally tied up at LaFayette’s house. He along with her mother are doing their best to bring the overshadowed woman back to her senses, but after a night struggling with her, nothing seems to help. Tara slips between feebly squeaking for help and shouting spiteful words at her family members. The only thing that seems to get any type of reaction out of her are her mother’s prayers. Even those aren’t met with any progress in Tara’s condition, more like visible physical discomfort.
    It seems the only one who might be able to help her is Sookie, who (along with Bill) is just returning to her home that Maryann is squatting in. As she’s taking a look around what used to be her living room, LaFayette calls and tells her to get out of the house…very good advice if you ask us. Thankfully Sookie takes the advice and turns to head for the Maryann steps in her way and strangles her.
    Bill being the gentleman he is knocks the maenad aside and tries to drink her blood, but it doesn’t exactly suit her tatste (translation: it was poison to him and he started puking it all up). Sookie has to save him and inadvertently ends shocking Maryann’s face with a burst of power from her hand. Of course the creature survives without a scratch. The surge of power leaves Maryann fascinated by Sookie, who by then had dragged Bill to the car and was on her way to LaFayette’s to save Tara using her psychic powers.

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