‘True Blood’ recap: New World In My View

    Over at Merlotte’s the rest of Maryann’s minions have managed to trap Sam Merlotte and disgraced town sheriff Andy Bellfluer in the bar’s freezer. It seems he’s the sacrifice Maryann was talking about earlier. You’d think after he escaped her cloven clutches twice before that she’d just give up, but apparently not.
    As the crazed up crew is celebrating their capture, Jason sneaks in with a chainsaw thinking he’s doing something by sawing things in half in efforts to bust up their party. What he doesn’t know is that general destruction and mayhem doesn’t really phase them right now because it actually fuels their behavior. In a last ditch effort, Jason turns his nail gun on local waitress Arlene and the crowd eggs him on! The only one who seems half sensible in their possession is Terry Bellfleur, who negotiates for Arlenes’s release since he’s so sweet on her.

    Once Jason runs them off he lets Sam and Andy out of the freezer just in time for the mob to return. At this point Sam just gives up and surrender’s himself telling the other two men to save themselves. While he’s being strapped to the car for delivery to Maryann, Jason creates a less-than-impressive diversion claiming he’s “the god who comes.” Luckily for him even the saddest of ruses manages to fool the zombies.
    Terry tells one of his soldiers to call Maryann…but she just ends up calling someone named Peanut for a good time
    Seeing that Sam asks Jason to “smite” him. The bartender had them all fooled when hi body suddenly disappeared, leaving nothing but a pile of clothes on the ground. The crowd thinking their mission has been accomplished heads off for more partying a Maryann’s, leaving an extremely confused Jason and Andy to figure out what happened. While the two of them were regaining their ability to speak a fully formed, nearly naked Sam walks out of the bar and mumbles something about explaining himself later.
    At Bill’s place, Hoyt and Jessica are having an increasingly difficult time keeping his mom under control. She’s doing all she can to get out of the house and join the party procession headed to Maryann’s. Part of her efforts include calling Hoyt “half a man;” that’s right when Jessica loses it and attacks Mrs. Fortenberry, and all Hoyt can do is watch in horror as the vampire (presumably) feeds on his mom.
    Over at LaFayette’s, all kinds of people are getting into Tara’s head: Sookie’s trying to find some remnant of her friend in Tara’s mind, but she keeps running into a barrier. Bill offers to glamour the girl to weaken those defenses. He’s able to get her to let down her guard enough so that Sookie can slip into Tara’s head and drag out the friend she has come to know and love. Thankfully, it works, but this leaves Bill and Sookie wondering who or what had been able to posses her.
    Answers to problems like that are always great, but this just present another problem. Maryann is a maenad, which is an immortal being, so how do you kill something that won’t die? For the answer Bill saught the help of a queen, but when he arrived at her palace, something wasn’t right. There was a lot of blood (not unusual in a vampire’s house) and a foot hanging limply over the side of what (we think) is a chair.
    Has Bon Temps’ only hope to defeat Maryann already been dispatched? Don’t know! But we’ll find out that answer next week.



    — Sonya Eskridge

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