Twitter dodges Diddy

    Diddy almost brought his business saavy to Twitter.
 reports that Twitter was working on a deal to bring the music mogul on board as an advisor in April. In exchange for his help in developing an entertainment and marketing strategy, they would give him equity.
    With more than 1.7 million followers, you would think that Diddy would be a natural choice to help Twitter in that department, but not essential. It seems that Diddy thought he was a lot more necessary because, after a meeting, one company wrote that “Diddy values his contribution higher than we do” and that he wasn’t “so strategic.”
    “It would be hard to explain to him what we’re doing wrong since he thinks about business differently,” they wrote.
    Once the meeting notes leaked onto the Internet, compliments of a hacker, Twitter changed its tune.
    “When we came away from that meeting with P. Diddy, we were super impressed with how savvy he was,” a company rep said. “He has stayed relevant for so long, and how does he do it? He’s constantly reinventing himself.”



    – Sonya Eskridge




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