Mathew Knowles schools TSU

    Mathew Knowles will be teaching eager undergrads all about the music industry this fall.
 reports that Mathew is set to teach a course called The Entertainment Industry at the Texas Southern University.
    “Our goal is to provide these students with such a well-rounded experience that they will graduate on the cutting edge of the entertainment and recording industry,” said TSU School of Communications deal Dr. James Ward. He added that they’re “excited to have a man of Mr. Knowles stature coming to our campus to share his insights and wisdom with young people who are interested in pursuing careers in the field of entertainment and the music industry.”
    Aside from managing his daughter’s successful music careers, he’s also familiar with the leading a course. He previously taught a class at Fisk University.
    TSU students interested in taking the Mathew’s class should contact the School of Communications at (713) 313-7741. But don’t expect to see Beyoncé or Solange to be popping in on class or doing any impromptu gigs in class.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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