Day26 release new video album

    Day26 is giving their fans more of what they want with the release of their new video album, Forever In Your Eyes.

    The project is meant to reacquaint Day26 devotees to their favorite tracks from the album by introducing a video element to several of the singles. In all the guys shot seven new video for the project, which is no small task, but we’re sure fans appreciate all of the group’s hard work. Willie Taylor told us the guys shot six videos over the course of just three days, which made for rapid-fire filming and little sleep for the group.

    Ok, well, some of those sleepless nights might have been their own fault, at least in Will’s case. Despite the grueling schedule, he found time to decompress outside of the studio.

    “I sure did. I went to the club one of those nights and still got up the next morning,” Will told S2S. “I regretted it a little bit, but at the end of the day, they all came out great.”

    The first video to be released from Forever In Your Eyes is  “So Good,” which most of the guys said was their favorite clip. 

    The other video the guys really liked was “Truth Is A Lie.” While, it may not be as steamy as “So Good,” Brian Angel and Que really like the concept of the video.

    “It’s so different. I love it,” Brian Angel said, comparing the video to City of Angels. “It’s kind of like we’re there, but we’re not really there. And the girl [in the video] is kind of running from her problems, from life.”

    "The video is so honest that’s why I like it," said Que.

    Notice, even though there are seven videos on the Forever In Your Eyes, the group only shot six. That’s because "Then There’s You" actually features actors playing out the story in the song.

    The only real difference between this album and Forever In A Day is that this one also features music videos, so we were a bit curious as to why the guys decided to change the title.

    “You’ll always be able to see it. We want our music to be timeless and for people to listen to it forever,” Mike McCluney explained to S2S.

    If you want to see all the album has to offer, Forever In Your Eyes is now available for download on iTunes.

    — Sonya Eskridge

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