Mya goes back to basic for ‘DWTS’

    Mya is updating everyone on how she’s preparing for the new season of “Dancing With the Stars.”
    You would think the singer has an edge over the competition since she’s a professionally trained dancer, but Mya told MTV News that ballroom isn’t exactly her forte. However she still has rhythm on her side.
    "So far, rehearsals have been really tough. So it’s kind of like reversing my thinking, ’cause hip-hop is so loose and not structured, and tap is so loose and close to the ground and not structured, so it’s so different,” she said. “I have a lot of work to do in reversing how I think. And I have a lot of partner work to do, so I hope it doesn’t hurt me. But I think music and musicality is going to help me stay on the beat."
    Basically, Mya is starting from scratch, so partner Dmitry Chaplin is drilling her on the basics before they can move onto anything more advanced.
    "He tells me I can’t possibility learn a routine and perform in front of professionals if I don’t know the basics," she said. "So we’re really at the beginning point of learning basics and the waltz and the cha-cha. We haven’t really moved far beyond that. He’s taught me, like, two small combinations."
    Thankfully, Dmitry has been patient with her, but the singer is worried about how her body will hold up through all those hours in the studio. She suffered a foot fracture last year and she’s worried that she could hurt herself again.
    "I had to change my shoes yesterday, ’cause my heels were starting to hurt — and keep in mind that everything was in heels," she said.  “That’s what my worst fear is. To get injured is something I’m nervous about."
    But no matter how nervous she is about the steps, Mya understands the importance of having a good cheering section, and she’s already recruiting. She told MTV that her “Lady Marmalade” collaborator and season eight favorite Lil’ Kim said she’d be coming out to show her support.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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