Teairra Mari talks new album, ‘Diamonds’

    After all the delays and “that’s my song” drama, Teairra Mari feels her new album is just about ready for release.
    Remember earlier this year when Teairra was hyping up her new album? Then you just stopped hearing about it after a while?  Well, the singer told S2S that she decided to push back the drop date for At That Point so that she could mold the album into what she wants it to be.
    “I was really adamant about pushing it back because it wasn’t time,” Teairra said. “And we were going to release it independently, but we ended up signing a deal with Warner Bros., so we had to do it the right way.”
    Perhaps the most talked about song on the album would be “Diamonds (Remix),” which features Kanye West. But the biggest surprise for Teairra was to hear Ma$e rap a few lines on the record. She didn’t know he was on the song until she heard it on the radio.
    But, despite having such amazing collaborators on the track, you’re more likely to hear about the drama surrounding it: She and Christina Milian got into a misunderstanding about the song.
    Christina recorded the tune while she was still signed to MySpace Music. When she jumped ship for Radio Killa Records, the song didn’t come with her because she hadn’t paid for it. That meant, legally, the track was still up for grabs because C. Mili never actually owned it.
    “It wasn’t her record. She just demoed it,” Teairra told us. “I recorded it and I loved how I sounded, so I paid for the record. I heard that she was kind of upset because she wanted the record, but my bad. … I don’t know how she feels about it, but I don’t lose any sweat or sleep over it.”
    Teairra also brought up-and-coming rapper Nicki Minaj onto the project. The female lyricst made an appearance on “Automatic,” and that song might brand At That Point with a parental advisory sticker.
    “It’s about loving, and you’re kind of equating your loving to a drugs. Like,  it’s addictive like drugs,” said Teairra. “Hopefully it won’t have a parental advisory sticker like the first [album].”
    You can listen to all of Teairra’s hard work when At That Point drops on October 20.


    – Sonya Eskridge




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