Serena Williams puts it ‘On the Line’

    Serena Williams is set to give readers a look at the woman behind the tennis champ with On The Line.
    Serena’s book, set to release tomorrow, starts with her perspective on a match against her sister at the U.S. Open that took place almost a year ago to the day. To bring things full circle, she ends the book with a chapter ripped right from the pages of her diary about the tournament.
    In between, Serena explores everything from her early memories of playing tennis with her family, to her self-image growing up, to her relationship with Venus and the tragic loss of her oldest sister. Each chapter is punctuated by personal messages that Serena writes before each match.
    Serena also talks about how she draws strength from her style choices when she’s on the court. “Personally, I always felt that when there was an edge to how I looked, there was an edge to my game,” she explains in the book. “That’s why I tune it out when people give me flak for spending for spending so much time on my appearance.”
    Of course when a game really gets underway and looking cute has gone out of the window, Serena said that she wears all the sweat she’s worked up “like a badge.”
    And One The Line also features a mini photo album with shots of Serena on and off the court.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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