‘True Blood’ recap: Frenzy

    So the first thing we found out this week was that the Vampire Queen of Louisianna, Sophie-Ann, was in no danger: She was just feeding on some more than willing young woman in her day room. That explains all the blood last week.
    After finishing her quick meal she ropes Bill Compton, who’d come seeking her help, into staying the day and leaving the next night. Since Bill hadn’t learned anything useful about how to defeat Maryann Forrester the maenad he was very much inclined to remain in Sophie-Ann’s company. Basically, he was yet again being held hostage by some woman, which seems to be a recurring problem for Bill.
    While he was chilling at Maryann’s house he ran into Sookie’s cousin, who began asking him how her family was doing, particularly her grandmother. Sadly, it seems the girl had no idea that her gran had been murdered in her own kitchen some weeks back.  Bill never told her what happened to the older woman because it probably wasn’t his place to tell her.
    Eventually Sophie-Ann takes mercy on Bill and tells him the only way to kill a maenad. In Maryann’s case she literally wants to be devoured in every possible way by Dionysus (aka the god who comes). The problem is that, according to Sophie, gods never actually make an appearance.  So that means the only way to kill Maryann is to convince her that the horned god has come for her.
    Jason seemed to convince her minions of it pretty easily in the last episode, maybe that approach will work again? No? Didn’t think so.
    Back in Bon Temps it looks like the love between Jessica Hamby and Hoyt Fortenberry may be a short lived one. Once Hoyt pulled his girlfriend off of his mother her ushered the older woman out of the house looking very angry. Hey, if our boo just attacked our mother we’d be kind of mad about it too, not matter how crazy mama was acting.
    But how does Hoyt’s mom repay her son’s heroism? By revealing that she’s secretly resented him all his life and that his father actually committed suicide. She’d been telling Hoyt for years that his father died while protecting them from a burglar.
    While he was mulling over those harsh realites, Sam Merlotte is explaining his not-so-secret ability to Jason Stackhoue and Andy Bellefluer, who proceed to wax idiotic about all the possibilities being a shape shifter affords. While they’re speculating about all the things Sam could potentially do, the bar tender slips out the back to follow a noise he thought he heard. That noise turns out to be Arlene’s kids looking worse for wear after being left to fend for themselves. He takes the kids back to the bar and feeds them and then heads off again to find a safe hiding place for the three of them while Jason and Andy run off to arm themselves for the “zombie war.”

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