‘True Blood’ recap: Frenzy

    Tara, who’s now come back to her senses determined to go back to Maryann’s and save her sweety Eggs. At first, her mom Lettie Mae Thornton, Lafayette Reynolds (her cousin) and Sookie Stackhouse all refuse to let her out of the house because they know she’d just be walking right back into the wolf’s den.
    They’re so serious about keeping her there that they handcuff her to Lafayette’s coffee table while he, his shotgun and Sookie go keep guard outside. This leaves Tara in the house alone with Lettie Mae, who Tara knows is an easy enough target, and she sends the woman on an epic guilt trip in an attempt to recruit an accomplice in her escape.  For a moment we almost thought Lettie Mae was going to pray through the temptation. But we were wrong (more on that in a minute)!
    Meanwhile Sookie and Lafayette sit outside commiserating over how Eric tricked them both into drinking his bood (and thereby bonding him to them). Then here comes Lettie Mae asking Lafayette to swap guard duties because she just can’t take being in the house with Tara anymore. Once she convinces Lafayette to hand over the gun, Lettie turns it on him and let’s Tara out of the house.
    We don’t know where homegirl thought she was going, though, because she didn’t have a car to escape in. So, she has the nerve to ask Sookie for her car keys and Sookie’s dumb enough to give them to her!  WTF?!  Look, if we didn’t want out friend going somewhere dangerous and they’re crazy enough to ask us for our keys, you can bet the answer would be, “H**l No!”
    Anyway, once Tara gets away Sookie thinks up a diversion to get Lafayette’s gun back so they can go save Tara…again. Thank God one of them was in their right mind because Lafayette was seriously freaking out due to his PTSD. Although Lettie Mae was the one pointing the weapon at him, all he was saw Eric eyeing him down the barrel of the gun dressed like his aunt.
    While Sookie’s thinking up a plan, Tara is over at Maryann’s (what used to be Sookie’s house) where she finds Eggs sitting at the kitchen table still heavily under the maenad’s influence. Her attempts to save him are futile and Maryann overshadows her again, and we can’t say we didn’t see it coming.
    Back  at Lafayette’s, Sookie has devised an  escape plan that involved throwing a small statue at Lettie Mae’s head. People are getting hit in the head with things a lot this season. Just an observation. They eventually make their way over to Maryann’s (what used to be Sookie’s house). Before they can get to the door, they’re ambushed by Terry Bellefleur and Arlene Fowler, who are both still possessed. But Lafayette manages to lead them away.
    Unfortunately as he was clearing a way for Sookie to save Tara he found himself right in harm’s way as he came across Maryann and her man servant Karl, who Lafayette end’s killing accidently. With a sudden opening in her staff Maryann inquires whether Lafayette can cook, and the next time we see him, he’s become part of Maryann’s frenzy, too.
    In the mean time, Sookie sneaks into he house through the backdoor where she find one woman cutting her finger off and some naked guy holding what looks like a large intestine (we’re not sure whether it’s his or not).  Did we mention that was just in the kitchen? As she proceeds up the step she hears some man talking dirty and she finds that another random man is in her old room wearing one of her dresses. Her search for Tara eventually leads her grandmother’s old room where Tara and Eggs are building a nest on the bed for a giant egg.



    — Sonya Eskridge

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