Chris Brown doesn’t speak on fight

    CNN aired Chris Brown’s hour-long “Larry King Live” interview last night, but many of the questions the public has about his fight with Rihanna still remain.
    The sit-down was taped last week, and clips of it have been circulating on the Internet ever since.  From those, the singer has been quoted as saying he didn’t remember what happened during the brawl back in February, a statement that he later took back, and the he still loves Rihanna.
    In case you missed the broadcast we have his full interview below for you to watch.

    In this segment, Larry asked the question everyone wants to know about the February 8 fight: What went down?  But Chris declined to give a direct answer.
    “Larry, I don’t feel like it’s appropriate for me to speak on what actually happened that night—just out of respect for Rihanna and myself. And I respect our privacy more,” Chris dodged.  “I feel like I owe it to her not to talk about it.
    Even after the initial stonewall, Larry kept at it. See if Chris finally caved below.



    Larry also questioned Chris about other reported incidents of abuse in Chris and Rihanna’s relationship that were outlined in the probation report.  None of those altercations were ever reported to police, and Larry wanted to know why.
    “Because…I don’t know. I’m not aware of those incidents,” Chris deflected. “Our relationship was pretty good. We had a pretty sturdy and great relationship.”
    In Mark’s opinion, he said that those incidences may have been fabricated or at the very least that it was planted from another file.



    Although Chris wouldn’t talk about what happened during their fight, he did explain why he and Rihanna had a getaway at Diddy’s house in Miami.
    “I was rekindling my relationship with my friend,” he explained. “I’m pretty sure we can always be friends. And I don’t know about our relationship, but I know definitely that we ended as friends.”
    But the real questions is did the former couple ever talk about how things got so out of control?



    In this last clip, Chris talks about the future of his career before the show closed out, and his mom Joyce made a final comment to viewers about her son. Chris also gave one last thought about what he’s learned through this difficult time.
    “People love negativity. They feed off that. It’s like a drug to them,” the crooner mused, “so if I continue to live my life in a positive way and in a positive manner and show people the other side of me, then it leaves no room for error at the end of the day.”





    – Sonya Eskridge




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