Obama speech banned by schools

    President Barack Obama will be delivering a back to school address on Tuesday, but who will be watching?





    President Barack Obama will be delivering a back to school address on Tuesday, but who will be watching?
    The president is planning to deliver a back-to-school address on September 8 at noon, but it has many people up in arms.  In particular, conservatives are calling it nothing more than an attempt to “indoctrinate America’s children to his socialist agenda.”
    The White House insists that the aim of the speech is only to encourage students to do their very best this school year.  A rep for the administration even flatly said, "This isn’t a policy speech. It’s a speech designed to encourage kids to stay in school,”
    CNN.com reports.
    The pep talk, to be broadcast on C-Span and streamed live from the White House website, is part of President Obama’s effort to decrease the dropout rate in the U.S.  And it will be accompanied by different classroom activities that are meant to start a dialogue on the importance of education.
    “Sometimes [students] need a little extra motivation after a glorious summer” White House blogger stated. “In this message he’ll urge students to take personal responsibility for their own education, to set goals, and to not only stay in school but make the most of it.”
    Still, many opponents feel the speech is nothing more than propaganda. They’re specifically taking issue with the original lesson plan that is to accompany the address. Reportedly, students would have had to write letters about “what they can do to help the president” achieve his goal of keeping students in school.
    According to
    ABC News, some parents are so against the idea of the address that they are keeping their kids out of school on Tuesday. And, some schools in Maryland have even decided not to air President Obama’s message.
    But this wouldn’t be the first time that a president has delivered a back-to-school speech. As a matter of fact, President George. H. W. Bush made a similar speech in 1991 that was broadcast nationally.
    Ahead of Tuesday’s planned speech, the president released two public service announcements advertising the event and re-enforcing his call for students to stick it out in school.  He stared in the first one, which you can watch below.

    The other ad featured several NASCAR drivers urging kids to take their education seriously.




    – Sonya Eskridge




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