Jacksons oppose planned tribute

    Katherine Jackson and others of her brood are mad with Jermaine for a tribute he’s planning in Michael Jackson’s honor.
    Several sources working on the event have told TMZ.com that she was pressured to announce her support of the concert set to take place in Vienna on September 26.  Reportedly, Jermaine had been bugging her about the negative attention he’d been getting over the show and begged for her support.
    Supposedly, the only Jackson in attendance for the show will be Jermaine because the rest of the family doesn’t see why the concert has to be in Vienna. They argue that it’s just doesn’t make sense for the first tribute to Michael to be held in a place he didn’t have any special connection to.
    One fed-up family member, who dubbed the concert “The Jermaine Jackson Show,” charged that this wasn’t about Michael at all and just another example of Jermaine only doing what is best for himself.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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