Deborah to become ‘Josephine’

    R&B singer Deborah Cox is headed back to Broadway for the new musical Josephine.
 reports that Deborah will be portraying the legendary Josephine Baker in thhe Ken Waissman production. However, no theater or show dates have been announced for Josephine at this time.
    The musical will be based on true events from Josephine’s life between 1939 and 1645. During that period she was the queen of music halls and involved in a passionate relationship with Sweden’s Crown Prince Gustav V1.  But she also used her successful career as a front that allowed her to carry secret messages for the French Resistance. 
    Josephine will feature music by Steve Dorff, lyrics by John Bettis and choreography by Joey McKeenly who was nominated for a Tony award for his work in Smokey Joe’s Café.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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