T. O. Show goes into overtime

    Expect to see more Mo, Kita and Terell Owens when the “The T.O. Show” comes back for a second season.
    Even though the “The T.O. Show” just aired its season finally last week, VH1 has already announced that it has picked up the reality series for another go-round.
    Season two will pick right as his contract with the Buffalo Bills is about to run out, so he’ll be trying to figure out whether to stay with the team or find a new home field. And he will explore some business opportunities.
    Monique Jackson and Kita Williams will also be returning to steer T.O.’s public image in a favorable direction. And as always, they are there to offer up their wise advice for how he lives his life off the field.
    Then there’s that issue with the ladies: which girl from last season will he pick. Ok to be honest, we don’t think he’ll be sticking with model after that surprise (and, we suspect, unwelcome) visit last season.  She came off looking a little thirsty in one episode when T.O. came home to find the lingerie-clad beauty in his living room. However, she blames editing for how the whole situation looked.
    That aside “The T.O. Show” was a ratings smash pulling in more than 1.5 million viewers per episode on average.  



    – Sonya Eskridge




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