S2S goes to the movies IV

    Summer movie season is over, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing good to watch on the big screen, it just depends on your mood.
    Mood: Hopeful
    Movie: Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself
    Finally! Tyler Perry’s latest stage-to-screen adaptation has hit theater. Audiences have been teased all summer with trailers, movie posters and cast additions. Between Madea’s antics and a seasoned actress like Taraji P. Henson starring in the film, it’s almost a guaranteed hit. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Gladys Knight, Mary J. Blige, Brian J. White and Adam Rodriquez round out the cast.
    I Can Do Bad All By Myself is based on Tyler’s gospel play of the same name, and centers on a woman named April. The aspiring singer is unwillingly left to care for her niece and nephews after Madea catches them trying to break into her place. April, who’s dating a married man, wants nothing to do with the kids. Matters only get more complicated when a Mexican immigrant named Sandino comes knocking on her door. 


    Mood: Aggressive
    Movie: Gamer
    Gamer stars Gerard Butler, who you might remember from 300, as the ultimate game puppet, Kabel. But we’re excited to see Ludacris do his thing as Humanz Brother. And Terry Crews logs in as Hackman.
    Gamer is set in a brutal future where rabid gamers use real people as their player in the online first-person shooter game Slayers. Think Halo, only using death row inmates on an actual battlefield instead of animated soldiers on your screen. Any player who can last a certain amount of rounds wins their freedom. Those that can’t are dead anyway. Hmm this definitely has some Death Race-esque themes, which is fine because we loved that one too!
    But there is a chord of rebellion as star player Kable looks to undermine Slayers creator Ken Castle, played by Michael C. Hall. So near as we can tell Luda will be playing a freedom hacker.



    — Sonya Eskridge




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