‘True Blood’ recap: Beyond Here Lies Nothin’

    The next morning the town is just trying its best to forget that the last few days ever happened. And they’re all blissfully blocking it out of their heads while drinking a few rounds at Merlotte’s, where Sookie, Tara and Lafayette are back on duty.
    The only one who doesn’t seem to be alright is Eggs who desperately wants to know what he’s done while he was living with Maryann. He goes to Sookie for help to uncover the lost memories. She tells him its probably best that he just try to push his possible crimes out of his head and forget he ever met the maenad, but he insists on knowing the truth and he’s horrified at what he’s done to Miss Jeannette Daphne, Sam and countless others.  After taking a peak at his grave deeds he goes running into the woods clearly troubled at all the suffering he’s caused. Although, Sookie is worried about Eggs, he mind is on Bill and their date that evening.
    He takes he to a French restaurant where they dance around the dining room. And we were pleasantly surprised to see that Bill knows his way around a dance floor.  Get it! After a little wining and dining Bill proposes to Sookie and she’s not sure of how she wants to answer. She’s not sure of how she wants to answer and she dashes to the ladies’ room to clear her head.
    Meanwhile over at Merlotte’s Andy is heading out to his car (where last season left off) when he’s approached by a totally distraught Eggs whose holding the knife he used to cut out people’s hearts. He begs Andy to arrest him, but the officer just tries to get him to calm down and think clearly. In Eggs’ frustration he knocks Andy to the ground and while waving his knife around when the back of his head explodes in a puff of blood.
    The camera pans up to show Jason holding the gun in disbelief that he’d just killed someone. We assume he thought that Eggs was trying to kill Andy. The officer takes Jason’s gun, wipes off the prints and tells his comrade to run.  When patrons come streaming out of Merlotte’s to find out what happened, Andy just says Eggs confessed to the killings that had stumped the town this season.
    The town came to a halt when they saw Egg’s body lying on the ground and the huge pool of blood around his head. That’s when Tara broke through the crowd and let out a shriek of anguish at the sight of her deceased sweety.
    Speaking of dead boyfriends, Sookie was still mulling over Bill’s proposal in the bathroom, but when she slipped the engagement ring on her finger, she knew she wanted to marry Bill. Too bad that while she was making up her mind Bill was dragged off by some unseen figure. 
    So this season ends much like the last one did: a dead body in Merlotte’s parking lot and a kidnapping. Gotta love it when things come full circle like that.



    — Sonya Eskridge

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