Forest Whitaker takes viewers to ‘Brick City’

    Forest Whitaker is giving the country a look at the challenges and triumphs of Newark, New Jersey, with “Brick City.”
    Forest was on hand for a premiere of the documentary series, which focuses on the lives of several figures and residents in the community.
    First, there’s charismatic Mayor Cory Booker who is working with authorities to significantly transform the city. At the top of his list is the lofty goal of trying to reduce (or, ideally, eliminate) corruption, violence and poverty in Newark.
    “Brick City” will also follow a unique couple who have ties to rival gangs: Jayda, a youth mentor, is a former member of the Bloods while her live-in boyfriend, Creep, is still an active member of the Crips
    “These personal stories are riveting,” commented Sundance’s executive vice president and general manager, Sarah Barnett. “The series plays out like a high-stakes drama – about life and death, dreams and disappointments, danger and determination and poverty and promise – but most importantly, it is storytelling at its finest.”  
    Forest Whitaker acts as an executive producer on “Brick City,” which officially premieres Monday, September 21, on the Sundance Channel at 10 p.m. EST/PST. After that a new one-hour episode will debut each night for the rest of the week.









    — Sonya Eskridge




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