New Boyz bring positive music and message to youth

    The New Boyz might be jerks, but they’ve got something to say and a new sound to bring to the musical landscape.
    The rap duo, New Boyz, which consists of teenagers Ben J and Legacy, is a far cry from the stereotypical images the mainstream normally associates with hip-hop.  Their jeans aren’t sagging low, they aren’t flashing gang signs and they have never been to jail.  It feels like a new day in hip-hop that the duo is ushering in thanks to their hit single “You’re a Jerk.”  The song is spreading the jerk music movement all around the world.  But the New Boyz aren’t just happy to make people dance, they are also intent on making a statement as leaders of this growing youth subculture. 
    For the New Boyz jerk music is all about self-expression.  “It’s a bunch of kids having fun.  It’s real positive and letting everybody be themselves. That’s all it is.  Everybody in the jerk movement is being themselves and having a good time,” said Legacy.
    It’s this message that has made the New Boyz role models to many other young people across the nation. “A lot of older people come to us and say their son or daughter looks up to us, loves us, dresses like us or something like that.  So yeah we are big role models,” said Ben J.
    While their fans support them fully, there are some in the mainstream that simply don’t get it as evidenced by the silly controversy over their skinny jeans.  To some, it’s apparently a taboo in hip-hop to wear tight jeans. 
    “All we had to worry about was people on the Internet nagging and hating.  We never heard it in our face.  So, a lot of people hate the skinny jeans and the jerk movement.  We don’t have to deal with it in-person—only on the Internet.  We don’t care about that,” said Legacy.
    The New Boyz prove they could care less by naming their debut album Skinny Jeans and a Mic.   And the guys have their families to thank for instilling in them the confidence to be themselves no matter what. 
    “I always been confident and never cared what anybody said about me.  I was raised on that.  Our parents told us don’t care what nobody say.  I know who I am what I do.  So why care about what somebody say?  That’s what we were raised on,” said Ben J.
    The New Boyz are now helping to reach other young people with those same values.
    “Just be yourself.  If people are putting you down and saying don’t do this and that then pay them no mind.  If you are feeling it then go with your instincts.  Whatever you feel just do it.  That’s what we did and how we got in the game,” said Legacy.
    It looks like so long as they continue to do what they feel the New Boyz will remain in the game for a long time, and continue to inspire young people in the process.



    – Souleo




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