Tamia, Deborah, Kelly collaborate

    Tamia, Deborah Cox and Kelly Price are coming together form a supergroup.

    Tamia, Deborah and Kelly told BV Buzz that they’re working on a compilation album called The Queen Project, making this the first time that they have ever worked together. The project will be heralded by the lead single, “Queen.”
    The ladies, performing under the name TDK , all expressed their excitement to collaborate with the other divas.
    "Each of us in our own right is a true vocalist and while I am loving what we’re doing in the studio, I just can’t wait for people to see our live show,” Kelly told BV.
    "It is fun and we have a really good time together. There’s something special here musically and we have a genuine bond,” Tamia continued.
    "I fee the same way. It’s really the most exciting project I’ve been a part of. We’re going to be raising the bar just a tad. It’s great to work with likeminded individuals. We have the same sentiments as singers, mothers and wives,” Deborah agreed.
    TDK is already in the studio, and soon they’ll be recording with the likes of Babyface, R. Kelly and Raphael Saadiq. While no label has announced that it will be distributing The Queen Project, the album is slated to drop in early 2010.
    The group will also be doing their firs show together on October 10 at the Circle of Sisters Expo in New York. And cameras are following the ladies throughout the recording and performing process; TDK hopes to turn that footage into a reality show.



    — Sonya Eskride




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