50 Cent writes ‘50th Law’

    50 Cent has taken his entrepreneurial skill and found another way to collaborate and capitalize.
    The entertainment mogul stopped by Howard University in Washington, DC during his book tour. 50 Cent appeared with his best-selling co-author, Robert Greene who is widely known for his books, The 48 Laws of Power and The Art of Seduction.
    The rapper’s book entitled The 50th Law expands on Robert’s philosophies, explaining how overcoming fears assists in one’s success.
    “I hope people read [the book] and see that there’s no excuse for not being successful,” said 50.  He went on to say that one of the most common excuses, having no father around, is not an excuse. “That’s normal coming from where I’m from,” he shared.
    The two authors started on this collaboration several years ago. 50, being one of many rappers, including Jay-Z and Busta Rhymes, who have viewed Robert’s work, sought out the writer after reading The 48 Laws of Power.
    "He is like someone who just stepped out of my book,” Robert said referring to 50. “I wanted to solve the puzzle of 50 Cent and how he achieved success.”
    The two genuinely looked like long-time friends and those who showed up saw a softer side of the rapper, who normally exhibits his aggressiveness. While talking about his rise to success, the obstacles he overcame and fears he shut out, the rapper expressed that this is a side of him that the media doesn’t want to see.
    “On [Curtis] I was trying to make that album more like Curtis,” said 50 Cent after speaking on the comments he heard from critics about the album not being like the previous ones.  “The public builds entertainers to destroy them with entertainment.”
    The 50th Law hit stores in September and the two authors began the tour starting in New York and ending in Los Angeles. 
    “This book is about fears that go back thousands and thousands of years,” said Robert, highlighting some like taking risks, being alone and “the ultimate fear of death.“ “These fears are crippling America now.”
    50 Cent closed out by reiterating that not everyone will be successful entrepreneurs. “Only special people are going to take this information and actually use it,” he noted.



    — Sophia Adem




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