Man arrested in connection with family’s murder

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    Police have arrested a Florida man wanted in connection with the murder of his wife and their five children.





    Police have arrested a Florida man wanted in connection with the murder of his wife and their five children.
    According to the
    Associated Press, police detained Mesac Damas, 33, in Haiti for questioning.
    The body of his wife, Guerline, was found dead in their Naples, Florida, home on Saturday evening. The bodies of their children, who’s ages ranged between the ages of 9 years old and 11 months old, were also discovered. There is no word on how they were killed, but one officer told
    CNN that it was “in no uncertain terms this is the most horrific and violent event this community has ever experienced. This is the worst of the worst."
    Police found this tragic scene a day after they had already been to the home to check in on the family. That visit came after a concerned relative reported that they hadn’t heard from anyone at the residence for a while. Cops didn’t get a response at the Damas’ home during the first visit, but they also didn’t see anything that would have aroused their concern.
    The next day the same family member filed a missing persons report and that’s when police searched the home.  Authorities, who had been looking Mesac since Saturday, learned that he had actually fled the country to Haiti on Friday when police first dropped by the house.
    On Monday police tracked him down at a hotel in Port-Au-Prince. So far, Mesac has only been named as person of interest in connection with the murders.
    Cops had been called to the Damas’ home several times since 2000 over complainta of domestic abuse. One call back in January results in Mesac’s arrest, but authorities don’t believe he ever served any jail time for that.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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