‘Dancing With the Stars’ recap: September 22

    Couple: Macy Gray and Jonathan Roberts
    Dance: Viennese Waltz

    Macy, admittedly, has just been a two-stepper and bopper up until she met her partner. Instead of learning steps, she usually just likes to feel the music and go with the flow. But once Jonathan began showing her moves, she had to make him part of her entourage.
    “Last season I left early. This season I’m working overtime,” Jonathan said. Earlier this year he had been partnered with Belinda Carlisle who was the first casualty of the season, so he’s hungry to stick around longer than the first week. But getting his season 9 partner up to speed proved to be a daunting task.
    Macy is a very busy woman with shows to perform all over the world. So, Jonathan tagged along for the ride and made sure to squeeze in time for practice whenever Macy had a free moment.
    “I can’t say I’ve ever met someone like Macy Gray,” Jonathan admitted between rehearsals. “She’s an amazing person, but a little bit eccentric.”
    The first dance they had to tackle was the Viennese Waltz, which is very light and ladylike. We’re not really sure what our expectations of Macy were for this dance, but we’re happy to say that she did really well for her first twirl on TV. True to her own style, she danced with joy, adding a certain spirit to the routine.


    All the judges had kind things to say about Macy’s performance, because she probably did a lot better than anyone thought she would.
    Carrie Ann really liked the heart Macy put into the Viennese Waltz.
    “There’s something fascinating to watch about you,” she said, but she declined to comment on the technical aspect of Macy’s performance. “When you perform, there is such a natural genuineness to you. And you’re so innocent and pure. It was beautiful in its own bizarre way.”
    Len felt that Macy brought a charm and vulnerability to her first dance, adding that if he were a viewer, he’d vote for her.
    But Bruno put the same sentiment into slightly different words.
    “Macy, you are endearing. It’s quite like watching a child take its first steps into a scary new word,” he said. “’What’s happening here? Who am I? Where am I going?’”
    Unfortunately all those kind words didn’t translate into high scores: Macy only waltzed off with 15 out of 30 points.

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