Swim club may be fined for pool ban

    A suburban Philadelphia swim club might be ordered to pay up for banning a predominately Black day camp from its pool.





    A suburban Philadelphia swim club has to pay up for banning a predominately Black day camp from its pool.
    The Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission published a report stating that racism was probably the main reason why about 65 campers from the Creative Steps Day Center were asked to leave the facility,
    CNN.com reports.
    Several of the ousted kids have said that they recall overhearing other club patrons asking why there were so many Black kids at the pool. One woman, a school teacher, said she was worried the kids would “do something to my child.”
    When confronted, the woman denied making that statement, but she charged that one of the campers “was a known thief” who had swiped a cell phone. The PHRC couldn’t find any evidence to back up those accusations. Indeed there is no record of any of the child in question ever being punished for theft.
    The Valley Swim Club maintains that the kids were bounced due to overcrowding at the facility, but PHRC stated that it has safely welcomed groups as large as the camp’s before. Moreover, the commission stated that the club "routinely has members at the facility in numbers that are equal in size or exceed the number of Creative Steps campers."
    Now, PHRC has extended an invitation to the swim club and the day camp to sit down with them in order to settle their differences. If the club refuses the offer then this matter will go to a public hearing. Depending on the ruling, the swim club might could be ordered to pay up $50,000.


    The swim club has a 30 days to appeal the findings in the report.



    – Sonya Eskridge




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